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Walking home, La Mosquitia, Rumdin community, Honduras - If Not Us Then Who?

If Not Us Then Who? release educational packs to accompany films

A series of educational packs have been published by If Not Us Then Who?

Written by Jaye Renold, they are designed to accompany the short films and provided additional context, information and statistics around the films. We also suggest further reading and related activities to build classes and workshops around these films.

These packs are for free distribution, we only ask that you let us know where they’re being used and what audience you are trying to reach. It means we can record our reach and we can pass this information back to the protagonists in the stories. Keep sharing these stories.

We are in the process of translating these documents into their native language as well.

Please contact us at [email protected]

Brazil’s Warrior Women

Download the pack here:


Download the pack here:


Download the pack here: