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A very special interview with Anggun in Paris

“We know that the forests are the lungs of the world, and the forest is important. The forest is necessary and vital for life, for humanity.”

Anggun, Indo-French singer and celebrity provided the voiceover for the 52 minute documentary, Our Fight, that was broadcast in France around COP featuring stories from Kalimantan and Sumatra.

She met with Mina and Rukka from AMAN and Nanang from Infis, our Indonesian partners. Away from COP21 they discussed the situation of indigenous peoples in Indonesia  She shares her views on indigenous peoples rights, climate change and the role we all have to play in this short interview.

You can see the trailer for the 52 minute documentary with Anggun’s voiceover here:
Take a look around the website to see more stories of indigenous peoples protecting forests: