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Calling all community video storytellers and smartphone reporters!

What’s happening in your community?
What are you fighting? What actions are you taking? What are you celebrating?

If Not Us Then Who? is launching a brand new platform for smartphone video reports from indigenous and local communities across the world.
Telling the stories of indigenous and community action, resistance and culture through powerful visuals and firsthand footage.

LAUNCH DATE: 9th AUGUST – International Indigenous People’s Day

Whether you film with your smartphone, a gopro, a videocamera.
Whether it’s an edited montage or raw footage. 
Upload to the LIVE map. Share it internationally.

Suggested types of footage:


Try and keep it as concise as possible. Simple and direct. Suggested length up to 5 minutes.

Contact us in the case of longer footage or if you want to develop it into a more finished film – [email protected]

For the most newsworthy footage we’ll look for relevant media coverage.

You can either submit anonymously or publish the names/s of the author/s. You can also become a regular contributor and create a profile in our ‘Storytellers’ page.

How to submit – 3 options

  1. Upload your video to youtube/vimeo/facebook and fill in the submission form, sending us the video url.

Fill in the submission form and send your video via:

2.  Dropbox/Wetransfer to [email protected]

3.  WhatsApp to +55 61 8561 3859

–    include the name of the filmmaker and video title entered on the submission form in your message

Videos sent directly rather than uploaded to youtube/vimeo/facebook will be added to the dedicated If Not Us Then Who? LIVE youtube channel.