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The Pisinae Tradition

Cutting the first tree - Indigenous tradition in Indonesia




December 2020



  • Ancestral Knowledge
  • Culture
  • Indonesia
  • Participatory-made film
  • youth

Indigenous groups across Indonesia believe there are consequences to the life cycle, like in Manusela Village in Maluku, Indonesia. Before cutting down trees in the forest, the Manusela Indigenous People carry out a tradition known as “Pisinae”.

This is done to ask permission from the Creator of the universe and ancestors for the needs of the general public. The conception of the relationship between the Creator, nature, and living things of course also has its own characteristics and ways in practice for survival.

Will these traditions and social institutions continue to be maintained by the next generation?

Director: Eko Krisna
This video was made in collaboration with the Pawanka Fund, the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago and Rekam Nusantara.

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