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Global Roadshow up to COP21

We launched in September 2014 in New York, during the UN Climate Summit – since when we hosted a series of global events in Peru, Indonesia, Germany culminating in Paris for the Climate Conference, COP21.

New York Montage September 2014
new york 2014

A short montage of our launch in New York. Take a look to see who dropped by, what went on and get a sense of what it was like there on Lexington and 47th ahead of the UN Climate Summit. It was certainly a busy few days. Thank you to all our friends for making it such a success. Music written by Jayme and recorded live in the gallery!


In November 2014, we premiered 2 new Peruvian films and hosted a roving film festival just days ahead of COP20. Take a look at how the festival went.You can find other short films on a similar issue at If Not Us Then Who: films are a culmination of more than two years of participatory filming by Handcrafted Films. From Indonesia to Peru, we have been working with local partners to articulate individual stories through film.Using the powerful visuals they are now organising a global roadshow in the lead up to COP21 in Paris. Our aim is to draw attention to the wider issue of deforestation, community-based solutions and ultimately to put pressure on governments and their commitment to slow climate change.

indonesia film festival

Indonesia Roadshow - March 2015 - 4 events across 4 islands.


At the halfway point to Paris and COP21, If Not Us Then Who visited Bonn for the UNFCCC meetings. We invited delegates, students and the people of Bonn to find out more about the role indigenous peoples play protecting forests. We hosted 3 events in 3 days.

paris montage

After 14 months and 14 events in 4 countries the If Not Us Then Who? global roadshow culminated in Paris for a very special screening and an 8 day exhibition at Point Ephemere.Bringing together indigenous partners from Indonesia, Central America, Amazon basin and Congo basin and more than 20 organisations. The aim was to highlight the role indigenous peoples play in protecting the world's forest and complement the work and messages at the indigenous pavilion at the COP21 venue. We wanted to bring these messages to the people of Paris.There were presentations, powerful speeches film screenings, debates, market days and of course, painting, music, singing and dancing (often impromptu). Thank you to everyone who contributed. Take a look at our behind the scenes montage.Regardless of the outcome of the COP21 text, indigenous peoples are on the front line of climate change. The fight goes on. Music from Dadang, original music; If not us then who?