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Showcasing indigenous youth activism: Leading by example – Anastasya Dita – Indonesia

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day 2018 we are showcasing some fantastic work being done by indigenous youth activists around the world.

Meet Anastasya Dita, Dayak youth, and find out more about how she is leading by example in Kalimantan.

What have you been working on?

I have been working at Ranu Welum Foundation since 2016. I make films together with the rest of the team, we create workshops and host public events. On our first event celebrating Indigenous People’s Day in 2016, we organised an event in Palangka Raya that brought more than 600 people together. It was the first big event that I put together. The purpose of the event was “Discovering Our Identity” especially for us the Dayak tribe. I learned from many people at the event and how they whom adapt to all situations.

This August, we come together again for a big celebration on Indigenous Peoples Day and the theme is “Indigenous Leads”. Bringing forth the ancient sound and embracing our heritage. The event will be happening in three different places. Starting on 29th August until 1st September in Palangka Raya. We will then continue with a roadshow screening to more locations including East Barito, Central Kalimantan and West Barito. The purpose of the event is to empower the indigenous community leaders be actively speaking as the voices on behalf of indigenous people.

What motivates you to do this?

My motivation is the people around me who have experienced struggle many times.

Why is it important that youth take a lead in these activities?

It because young people have a power and courage to bring transformation to people around them. The young people are the next generation to preserve our culture.

What do you want other youth in the world to do with your stories?

I really want all the young people to be aware and take the action. Do not be silent with all the struggle around. I would love to inspire through this story and everyone should know that you are the hero.

My culture is more than an attached attribute. It’s the part of my identity.

Ranu Welum’s upcoming Indigenous Peoples Day celebration in Kalimantan can be found here: