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David Metcalf

New Zealand

David has had a fascination with indigenous cultures ever since he started travelling through the American West visiting Hopi, Navajo and Sioux Indian reservations over 30 years ago. His love of Indonesia and the many tribal groups spread throughout the archipelago has motivated him to travel extensively photographing and writing about these fascinating cultures.

David’s interest in photography began when he was 17 years old on his first overseas trip and the desire to capture what he feels and sees through the viewfinder is a challenge that continues to inspire him.

An avid photographer and writer, David plans to devote the rest of his life to documenting and recording these fascinating indigenous groups so others can share in the wisdom and knowledge, myths and legends.He has long had a desire to connect native Americans with other similar cultures with a strong connection to the land, such as the Indonesian Dayaks and Australian Aboriginal people.

He hopes that The Journey Back project will help inspire others to get involved and try and protect these cultures and their environment from further destruction and negative changes.

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