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Dolfintje Gaelagoy "Mama Do"


Dolfintje Gaelagoy, familiarly known as Mama Do, is an indigenous female champion of the Marafenfen in Aru Selatan District, Aru Islands, Moluccas. Although she is the only female champion of the tribe fighting for her customary lands, Mama Do remains strong despite continued intimidation from members of the police, criminalization, and even death threats. She is no longer young but she vigorously keeps voicing resistance against company’s operations on her lands, including against PT Menara Group.

“Customary forests actually do not belong to indigenous people but are the pride of the nation as a tropical country. How could a tropical country be without forests? Those who can preserve them are only indigenous people, no other people can. If others want to come into forests, they will use bulldozers. Imagine what would happen if they do so?”

Mama Do has also called out to indigenous women to stop crying, to join forces, and to keep fighting.