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Gabriela Solano


An emerging filmmaker, Gabriela belongs to the Garifuna people and has a background in Honduran indigenous and black peoples’ rights, sexual and reproductive rights, and gender. She is a member of the Honduran Filmmakers Collective, where she became a student in the School for Female Filmmakers ‘Una Mirada Propia’and has directed two short films – the first one ‘Negrita’ was made on November 25th, 2020, and supported by the Spotlight Initiative, the second ‘Punto de Encuentro’ was made as part of the final project after her pitch in the final stage of the School ‘Una Mirada Propia’. Her last collaboration took place in the documentary ‘Allá donde nace el sol’, produced with funds from the Mexican Cinema Institute IMCINE and Netflix’s Fondo Ambulante as on-site filmmaker.