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Jhonatan Yuditya Pratama


Jhonatan a is  21 year old Dayak Kanayatn Youth from Sungai Ambawang, West Kalimantan. He is a Medical student from the Medical Faculty of Tanjungpura University Pontianak. Since completing formal education in high school and continuing education in the department of nursing, he pursued skills in videography, editing, music, and learned about the local wisdom of the Dayak Kanayatn tribe and how it relates to a clean and healthy lifestyle in the community.

He also volunteers for the local community in Sebangki and is a new leader of the “Dayak Youth Ambassador” an international organisation for the Dayak Youth. Dayak Kanayatn youth living in rural areas motivate him to learn, connect and apply local wisdom in his area according to his knowledge of nursing in a promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative manner.

Jhonatan hopes to empower the children and young people in rural areas, especially Dayak people, to learn together and maintain their existing local wisdom in accordance with public health. He believes that the younger generation will later become agents of change for the development of the Dayak community and must be able to bring about positive impact on their lives.

“It’s very important to determine health problems that are contrary to local culture and wisdom in accordance with world health standards.”

Also the founder of the “Sekolah Budaya Patamuan Talino” a non-formal education platform based on the Dayak Kanayatn culture. On this platform, he supports young people and local children to deepen learning about customs, culture, and how to take the role of indigenous peoples in the climate crisis through education on the importance of protecting customary forests.