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Nelson Flores


Nelson was born in Melchor de Mencos (Peten department) and has lived in the Cooperativa Integral Agropecuaria Técnica Responsabilidad Limitada las Cruces, Peten. He is a member of the Tourism Committee of this cooperative and his role is to promote tourism within the region.

On September 12th, 2015, he was part of the Popular Communicators Network of ACOFOP (REDCOMPA). Since REDCOMPA was created, he has attended several trainings related to the field of promotion, which supported him in the creation of promotional videos for his community and helped him visit and record the work of other partner communities of ACOPOP, such as Uaxactun, where they organized a filmmaking workshop and made a video about the community and knowledge acquired.

“I am interested in the emerging filmmaking training because I would like to showcase the work we did to mitigate climate change through sustainable community projects.”