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Penny Davies


Penny Davies is an independent consultant and currently writing a book.

Penny served for a while as Director of Ford Foundation’s Natural Resources and Climate Change program and as part of the Climate and Land Alliance (CLUA). Prior to joining the Ford Foundation,  she was the senior forestry adviser for the Department for International Development (DFID) in the British government, where she led DFID’s global policy and program work on forests, with a focus on their contribution to poor peoples’ livelihoods and climate protection. Prior to that, Penny held positions as DFID team leader for extreme poverty, economic growth and climate change in Bangladesh; head of DFID’s regional office in Central America; DFID’s forestry coordinator for Indonesia; regional agroforestry consultant for a European Union agricultural frontier program in Central America; and rural economist at the Bolivian Centro de Investigación Agrícola Tropical (CIAT).

Penny holds masters of science degrees in Forests in Relation to Land Use and Agricultural Economics from the Universities of Oxford and London, respectively, and earned her undergraduate degree in English literature from the University of Bristol.